Because it is a totally natural product, 100% pure, because we are part of the same nature and that we are responsible for everything that surrounds us. In Naturela we are convinced that nature has the best recipes to enjoy a long and healthy life.

Prefer Spirulina Naturela because:

  • It is found in presentations of powder, capsules and tablets that guarantee greater purity.
  • It is fresh, which means that it has better nutritional conditions.
  • It is cultivated and processed in a pure environment free of pesticides.
  • It is a 100% pure and natural product without colorants, flavors, or preservatives.
  • We have a production plant approved by INVIMA and the products have the INVIMA Sanitary Registry.
  • It is a product of excellent quality.

We offer the best presentations

  • 100% pure fine powder easy to use in your drinks, recipes, kettles, papillas, masks, etc.
  • Transparent vegetable capsules without colorants, contain only 100% pure Spirulina which open quickly in the stomach.
  • 100% Spirulina tablets, without chemical additives, practical, easy to carry everywhere.
  • We offer a whole line of innovative presentations with Spirulina. 

Naturela means freshness, high quality, careful process made by hand and of course excellent and reliable products.