Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is reflected in our behavior, we develop all working relationships built on honesty, transparency, integrity and ethics. For us people, nature, the environment and society are very important.

This is what we represent:

Naturela is Warmth so we relate,

Naturela is Overcoming we achieve goals,

Naturela is Innovation we create solutions,

Naturela is Ecological in harmony with nature,

Naturela is Responsibility we generate opportunities.


Somos Ecológicos

Since its constitution we adopt the philosophy of generating a positive impact for its environment and all our stakeholders. This philosophy is materialized in our Environmental Management Plan, which shows that we do not use toxic inputs, we do not generate hazardous waste and that we also use friendly packaging materials to the extent permitted by INVIMA’s food legislation.

From our beginnings we have sought the change from conventional packaging to more sustainable materials and we plan to use only friendly packaging that is not only for the eye, but that is really sustainable and that at the same time meets the purpose of protecting each of the Ingredients of our products. Some packages are in Kraft paper that is an ecological material with many advantages, because it is easy to recycle, it comes from sustainable resources and reduces the carbon footprint, in this way we help the planet.

We are part of the group of companies recognized as “Green and Inclusive Businesses” of the department of Meta, a program created jointly by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and the Cormacarena Autonomous Corporation, which seeks to promote business initiatives with environmental and social principles.

For all the above we can say that the Naturela lifestyle is a sustainable and responsible lifestyle.