Does your New Year’s purpose include healthy eating?

Did you know that 57% of Colombians suffer from overweight and obesity?* However, these phenomena are due to a hyper caloric culture, but why do we have a hard time changing habits? Leaving excuses behind, this year say YES to good eating habits.

The habit of eating healthy and balanced is the new year’s purpose of many, but surely it is a goal of weight loss or is driven by the fear of getting sick or dying. However, embracing the idea of eating well – in every sense of the word – must be motivated by a vision of love and respect for the only vehicle we have to live life: our body.

The trick is to detect what you eat and implement certain practices and tricks to integrate new healthy habits into our routine and not only carry them out when we see a result (losing weight, for example) but add them to our life style for the rest of our lives. A little effort will lead you to a great result.

  1. Totally eliminate the consumption of refined sugar (yes that sugar that you add to coffee and tea) including the sugar that is added in processed foods (sugary drinks).
  2. Bread is the food loved by all, but you must eliminate the consumption of refined grains (white flour, white rice and white bread) and replace them with whole grains (amaranth, quinoa, flaxseed, rye, corn, oatmeal and brown rice, etc.)
  3. If you love coffee, let it go. Start drinking tea, you will notice the difference.

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  1. The days where the sausages were the glory, are behind. Eliminate sausages and red meats, since their consumption has a direct relationship with the suffering of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Increase the consumption of fish and chicken.
  2. And yes, cow’s milk and its derivatives must stop consuming. Vegetable milks are an excellent alternative.
  3. Salt should not be eliminated completely, but we should limit its excessive consumption.

The second trickis to write a new page in the story of your life. Let’s start!

  1. When you wake up, take a cup of some hot infusion. An excellent option is to drink Spiruté Turmeric with cocoa, pepper, spirulina and ginger. This will help put your bowel into operation.
  2. Vegetables will be your new allies; it includes two cups of vegetables (yes, two cups of the vegetables that you like) at each meal. What a delight it would be to add to your scrambled eggs some onions, cherry tomatoes, spinach spraying turmeric or spirulina powder!
  3. Eat two fruits a day, one in the morning in your favorite shake and one in the evening.
  4. The seeds will give you a plus of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and very complete fats. Always load in your bag a handful of toasted seeds to eat at any time of the day.
  5. You should eat daily a cup of whole grain. How about cooking quinoa with mushrooms for lunch?
  6. Exercise is essential, walk 30 minutes a day and sweat all the toxins you have.
  7. Protein is essential in your daily diet; however you can supplement your intake of animal protein by consuming vegetable protein. Spirulina is the queen of vegetable protein and is an excellent choice.

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8. There are super foods that you can get in supermarkets and you must include in your daily diet, supplement your diet and have many benefits for your body

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It is not a restrictive diet; it is a new way of life that will help you feel better. Therefore balance your food intake with 80% healthy food and 20% “snacks”. Or during the week, keep 5 days of full awareness of what you consume and at a dinner in a restaurant or on the weekend, you can allow yourself to eat what you like best balanced.

*Encuesta Nacional de Situación Nutricional para Colombia- 2015 (Ensin)

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