Energy and vitality


Importance of good eating habits

The main cause of dysfunctions in the body in most cases is an inadequate diet, a stomach overloaded with too heavy food, excess alcohol, stress and chronic diseases such as diabetes can also be responsible for many ailments.

The high content of easily digestible proteins of Spirulina, as well as the essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and trace elements is an excellent option to improve these deficiencies.

People who change their lifestyle to a healthy diet, exercise often and decrease bad habits, notice a quick improvement that is very good, especially in terms of vitality and energy they feel. When you have to maintain a constant physical or intellectual effort, for example students, executives, workers, among others, the ideal is to include highly nutritious foods such as Spirulina.

Appearance of skin and hair

Improves the appearance of the skin and hair. The vegetable pigments, chlorophyll, phycocyanin, xanthophyll beta-carotene and zinc help maintain a natural and uniform tan, strengthen the hair, nails and achieve a revitalization of the tissues, while protecting the skin against premature aging that produces the solar radiation.

Diet for vegetarians

Spirulina is the only vegetable source of vitamin B12 that can be obtained. Likewise, the vitality of vegetarians is usually affected by the lack of iron and certain amino acids such as lysine and methionine, deficient in all vegetables. These nutrients are provided in abundance by this micro algae.

The ideal is to include it as part of the daily diet, you can consume freely at any time of the day.