Spirulina complex source B principally vitamin B12

Spirulina is turning green Hulk pasta, noodles, cereal bars, ice creams, smothies and even something as simple as a lemonade.

But its dynamic and fun green color is not the most important, but the alarming amount of vitamin B12 it has; that otherwise, it would only be found naturally in animal products. For this reason, micro algae such as Spirulina become a food of great nutritional value for vegetarians and vegans.

Also, vitamin B12 is important because it helps regulate mood, muscle strength and heart function properly. For this reason Spirulina is marketed as a dietary supplement.

Vegetarians and vegans should look for a sufficient and reliable source of this vitamin, as nutritionist Ulrike Neumann of the University of Hohenheim says. Several studies have supported the positive effect that microalgae have on the body, providing vitamin B12.

However, these microalgae are a blessing, as they not only contribute significantly vitamin B12, but also have a high percentage of vegetable protein, Spirulina being the highest level of protein within the Chlorella Microalgae group, even reaching to 60%.

These microalgae also have few calories and several studies find benefits for the skin, hair and even the immune system. Additionally they contain Iodine, are rich in vitamin A, B12 and minerals among others. The microalgae obtain some of these vitamins from bacteria that they absorb in the environment; 400 mg a day, is a sufficient dose to obtain several of its benefits.

There is no doubt that Cholorella microalgae are healthy. The recommended dose for vegetarian adults is a minimum of 5g of Spirulina per day (there is no maximum because this microalgae has no contraindications), in an adult who is not a 3g vegetarian per day; for vegans and athletes the ideal is to consume higher doses and for children from 6 months to two years 1g a day.

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