Sautéed veggies with turmeric Wrap


  • 2 corn tortillas
  • 1 cooked egg (sliced)
  • Carrots and zucchini, shredded, salted in turmeric
  • Crispy lettuce
  • Avocado


We present our wrap recipe with vegetables with turmeric and spirulina, it is an ideal vegetarian dish for breakfast, for lunch or as a snack. With this recipe you can surprise your guests at a meeting or your family.


Preparing a vegan wrap is simple and fast, you will see that later you will love it. Ready the ingredients and let’s do it. Choose the tortillas you like best, fortunately the market offers us many options today. Remember to buy fresh vegetables because it will guarantee the quality of the nutrients they have. Our recommendation is that you prepare the sauteed grilled vegetables, so they are divine and it is very easy, you can add a touch of ginger, it will give you a touch of unique flavor. Turmeric and Spirulina, add flavor, protein, vitamins and minerals and an immense range of natural antioxidants, keep in mind that you must add them at the end. It really is a nutritious, healthy and delicious wrap!

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