How to prevent diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that seriously affects the quality of life of a person. 45% of the world population has pre-diabetes. Here are a few tips to avoid it:

  1. Avoid the consumption of starches, for example by taking care of the consumption of cereals containing starches that raise blood glucose.
  2. You must reduce blood glucose, obesity and diabetes have the same characteristics: high glucose. When a person with dibaetes consume 30ml of vinegar a day, it helps their levels of glucose, insulin and triglycerides to decrease.
  3. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it breaks the fast, for that reason it is good to avoid foods that raise your insulin levels.
  4. Drink enough water.
  5. Work-out.
  6. Nutritional stress can cause diabetes: This occurs when you are on a diet high in carbohydrates that elevate the sugar in your blood.
  7. Make sure you have adequate levels of Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D.

For more information we recommend to see the YouTube channel of the Obesity and Metabolism Specialist Frank Suárez: MetabolismoTv.

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