Team Naturela


Partner co-founder. She is an enterprising woman, constant and with many dreams.

She was very pleased to see his dreams come true, a very important one, the construction and adaptation of the Naturela laboratory. It is a passion for environmental and social causes, passion that shares perfectly with the partners of the company. She is very committed to his company, for all operations within the ethics, quality, responsibility and respect, corporate values ​​of Naturela.

Siberia longs for a sustainable future for humanity, with more justice, respect and equity.


Partner co-founder. She studied Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the National University of Colombia, with a specialization in Natural Management in Nicaragua. She completed studies in Quality Assurance and Management at Universidad del Valle.

She recently completed his Specialization in Strategic Management at the Universidad de la Sabana de Bogotá. She has extensive experience in Pharmaceutical Industry and Product Development based on natural extracts.

During the last years she has led several management and innovation projects through agreements with Colciencias and Fomipyme, which have been executed in Naturela.


Partner co-founder of Naturela SAS, entrepreneur and passionate about her work, always in constant search of new opportunities. Expert and pioneer in the management, composition and benefits of Spirulina microalgae in Colombia. In her work, she uses her passion, her knowledge of Spirulina and nutrition, to carry out her commercial work.

Carolina studied Bacteriology at the University College of Cundinamarca in the city of Bogotá, specializing in the University of Environmental Applied Sciences in the area of ​​animal microbiology. She has attended and participated in workshops and conferences that apply to the market, sales and marketing. In Naturela, she leads the commercial area.


Professional Development Project Management at the University Institute of Development Studies, University of Geneva, Master in Public Health at the University of Geneva with more than 12 years of experience as a consultant trainer in health promotion and education. With extensive knowledge of the properties and benefits of Spirulina for more than 15 years.

She is currently in charge of the international marketing process for Central America. Based in Geneva-Switzerland since 1994.

Languages: Spanish, French and English.


Professional in Personnel Training, Quality of Services and International Business.

With experience in supervision and personal training in the Starwood Hotels chain, Sales Operation in the Omega Company and internal marketing for the Elizabeth Arden brand. She is currently working in the area of ​​opening international markets for Naturela in the European area.

Languages: Spanish, French, English, Italian and German.


Professional in Business Administration and a specialization in Finance.

Linked to Naturela since 2011, he has experience in the production area, in the development of the system for managing processes and procedures, managing costs and recently in the administrative area.

He is currently responsible for the purchasing processes and the management of international clients.

Languages ​​spoken: Spanish and English.


Professional in Industrial Engineering with deepening in organizational strategy and Economics and Finance from the Universidad de los Andes. With experience in consulting services of various industries in PwC Colombia in the area of ​​Transfer Pricing and made a mobility in PwC Peru. Preparation and consolidation of financial indicators in Ecopetrol. He is currently in charge of financial and administrative issues of the company.

It is certified by the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) in Innovation Management.

Languages ​​spoken: Spanish and English.


Professional in Chemical Engineer with deepening in Life Cycle Assessment for products and processes, and perfumery from the Universidad de los Andes. She recently completed her Master in Innovation for Product and Business Development at the University HES SO in Lausanne, Switzerland.

With experience in development of savory and sweet flavors in Givaudan Colombia and projects of innovation in sterilization with the swiss start-up SteriLux, and in sustainability with Nespresso Switzerland. She is currently working in innovation for the development of products in our company.

Languages spoken: Spanish, French and English.