Our plant

Naturela has a modern plant with areas designed to avoid risks of cross-contamination and confusions through validated air systems and circulation designs (flows) of personnel, raw materials and materials.

We have facilities, equipment for manufacturing and packaging within the following areas:

Liquids: Drinks

Solids: Foods compressed in tablets, powder and granules.

Semisolids: Jellies and Gels.

Tea packaging: Tea making in filter bags with individual wrapping.

Baked Foods: Healthy Snacks

Conditioning: Secondary finishing of products. We have packaging lines in all types of packaging, including tinplate containers of different sizes.

Adequate equipment

In all areas we have equipment that meets the requirements of the BPM, is maintained within optimum performance standards, we carry out programs of preventive maintenance, calibration and updating, thus ensuring production.

Our people

Our staff complies with the professional and technical training, is constantly trained in the application of BPM, both in general and specific rules for each of the specific areas where you work. We have qualified and trained people in each of the areas of production, quality control, technical direction, quality assurance, planning, maintenance, records, development and third party service


We work under our quality assurance system based on the application of Good Manufacturing Practices BPM.

Quality control is applied from the selection of suppliers, through the analysis of raw materials, product in process and finished product to the control of critical support systems.


In Naturela we open our doors to customers who are interested in verifying the professionalism of employees and the quality of our facilities and equipment, we invite you to visit us so that you can verify that you will obtain all the levels of a product with the maximum guarantees.