Our plant

In Naturela we have a modern production plant with work areas designed and built to meet quality standards. We are certified by the Invima in the BPM Quality Management System, Good Manufacturing Practices. All our processes have strict controls and constant monitoring, and we also have software that guarantees traceability at any point in the production chain.

We work in four independent production lines, all with infrastructure and equipment that allow us to manufacture with the best quality and safety standards:

Solid production line: in which powdered food, instant to make milkshakes, smoothies or delicious nutritional drinks are manufactured. We also manufacture candy tablets with 100% natural ingredients.

Tea packaging line: we manufacture infusions in filter bags with innovative mixtures of aromatic herbs, flowers and spices that fill your senses with color and smell.

Line of healthy snacks: we prepare snacks inspired by the traditional formulas of grandmothers, with rice, cheese, ancestral seeds and other nutritious ingredients, with a careful kneading and baking process to achieve the crispness and taste of exquisite healthy snack.

Liquid line: We prepare, mix and pack the best ingredients such as spirulina, turmeric and mint to achieve an innovative refreshing drink that you can take everywhere.


Equipment In all areas we have equipment that meets the quality requirements, they are kept within the standards of optimal operation, we carry out preventive maintenance, calibration and updating programs, thus guaranteeing production.

Our people

We have a very committed work team, willing to give the best of their talent at all times, very careful with every detail of the development of our products. We are constantly trained in food safety and safety issues, we constantly seek to improve our production processes. We have enthusiastic, creative and innovative people in each of the areas: Quality Control, Production, Technical Management, Quality Assurance, Planning, Maintenance, Document System, Innovation and Development of New Products and General Services.


In Naturela we open our doors to customers who are interested in verifying the professionalism of employees and the quality of our facilities and equipment, we invite you to visit us so that you can verify that you will obtain all levels of a product with the maximum guarantees.