Naturela is a brand of Colombian origin, born of the passion for Spirulina, we are a company created and led by women, pioneers in the cultivation of Spirulina in Colombia.

In 2002 we got to know Spirulina, we learned how to grow it, harvest it and process it, thanks to the unconditional support and collaboration of the whole family. With the passing of time we saw in the Spirulina a great business opportunity, since, we could offer alternatives to improve the quality of life with functional foods based on Spirulina. In addition to having great potential to develop projects of social impact related to problems of malnutrition, especially in children.

In 2005 we won the Innovative Entrepreneur Award granted by the Chamber of Commerce of Villavicencio, thanks to being the first company in the country, to have an agroindustrial project based on the Spirulina microalgae.

We constituted ourselves as a company in 2007, to give formality and be more competitive in the sector of companies producing healthy foods. The company had a great expansion and restructuring in its organization.

From 2009 to 2012, we executed co-financing projects with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia, Colciencias and SENA, with these projects we managed to develop competitive skills of Naturela, automate the production lines and form the working team on topics such as Development of new products, Innovation and strategy.

Since 2015, the department of foreign trade has been structured thanks to the support of Procolombia and the process of searching for international markets has begun, achieving the first export experience in the year 2016.

Naturela provides the opportunity for university students to carry out academic practices thanks to agreements established with universities in the region.

Nowadays, Naturela has a food production plant with infrastructure and processes based on the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Safety, with which we can respond to the demands of the national or international market. We have a qualified and trained human team with more than 39 people.

We are pleased to be able to generate decent employment, especially for young women and mothers who are heads of households in a region that was hit by violence and with a high degree of unemployment and lack of opportunities.